Thursday, January 1, 2009

Zombie Strippers (2008)

Old strippers never die, they just shoot billiard balls from their....

I'm only a little ashamed to say that I'm not a lot ashamed to admit I couldn't pass up a film with a title like this.

I'm not particularly a fan of zombies OR strippers, but there are certain words in our language, when paired together, that create something more than just their letters combined. Something... bigger than all of us.

I don't mean to say Zombie Strippers is a good movie. It's a bad movie. But I felt compelled to watch, just to see what could or would possibly unfold during a movie pairing these two words in it's title.

Well, save your money.

No. Really. Save it and buy yourself something nice. You're worth it.

The story's the same you find in most any zombie film: unidentified military entity creates and then loses zombifying potion, various and sundry innocents are infected and the brain barbecue begins.

In this case the infected folks are strippers and (in most cases) WANT to be zombified because their customers love watching zombies dance and the dead girls are making more money. (I know. What town is this?)

Anyway, much bloodiness and occasional funniness occur until the unidentified military entity comes in and cleans up the mess.

I think the question of whether you should see this movie can be answered here: 

If seeing two dead strippers battle for supremacy, and Stripper A blows Stripper B's legs off by inserting billiard balls into her own vagina, then using her amazing-stripper-pelvic-muscle-strength to hurl them at Stripper B like cannon balls does anything for you at at all - this is your movie.



The Trailer

The Details


Jenna Jameson...Kat

Robert Englund...Ian

Roxy Saint...Lillith

Penny Drake...Sox

Whitney Anderson...Gaia

Jennifer Holland...Jessy

Shamron Moore...Jeannie

Jeannette Sousa ...Berengé

Carmit Levité...Madame Blavatski

John Hawkes...Davis

Brad Milne...Dr. Chushfeld

Zak Kilberg...Byrdflough

Jen Alex Gonzalez...Lt. Ryker

Jessica Custodio...Kwan

Laura Bach...Sassy Sue


Jay Lee

MPAA Rating

USA: R/Unrated (for boobs, gore and tasteless humor)


94 minutes


Live Dead Nudes

They'll dance for a fee, but devour you for free.




Zombie Strippers at Wikipedia

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