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Silent Rage (1982)

Chuck and his mustache destroy Undestroyable Killer

The Review

I remembered seeing this in the theater when I was about 14. Don't think I even knew who Chuck Norris was, but - it was a movie about an "Indestructible... Unstoppable... Superhuman Killing Machine". (Hello!)

Now, 1982 was a long time ago, but when I gave it a good think I was able to dredge up a few celluloid memories, still rattling around the old brain:
  • a woman popping open her vest and shaking her boobs at someone (c'mon, I was 14)
  • a doctor slicing a guy's chest open and the wound almost immediately healing (very cool)
  • a terrified lady creeping around a dark house, a guy grabbing her by the face, smashing the back of her head into a wall and her head leaving a blood smear as she slid slowly down the wall to the floor (gruesome)
  • a guy getting shot several times and smashing through a 4th story window to the ground, then a close-up on his face as his eyes snap open (a la terminator)
Geeze. That's some seriously gruesome stuff. Where were my parents that day? They were supposed to protect me from stuff like this.

Anyway, I rented the movie to see how accurate the old brain had been and if the movie stood the test of time. And it... kind of... stood. Maybe it leaned a little, maybe it didn't have the best posture, but it stood. It did totally deliver on the unstoppable killing machine part, and that's the important thing. (It IS.) Sure, I could've done without that lame-o comedy relief deputy. But other than that....

The basic plot is this (from the back of the DVD):
Chuck Norris, six-time World Karate Champion, stars in his first suspense film as the tough, street-fighting sheriff of a small Texas town terrorized by a psychotic killer. Sheriff Stevens (Norris) is faced with the dilemma of stopping the invincible murderer, made virtually indestructible through genetic engineering. A young group of researchers are responsible for developing the genetically altering serum, and the head of the research institute is determined to continue the experiments, regardless of the consequences. Norris displays fighting brilliance as he single-handedly routs a dozen brutal bikers from a truck stop hangout, while revealing a warm and sexy side when he rekindles an old romance with Alison Halman (Toni Kalem), a researcher at the institute. Excitement, horror, and romance prevail as Norris combats the killer.
Overall, the movie was a little lame - but it gets sooo many points for having really cool unstoppable killing machine-ness. And I'll tell you, I'd be surprised if ol' Arnold hadn't seen this movie before he started working out his Terminator persona.


But I really can't comment on Chuck's "warm and sexy side".

The Trailer

The Details

Director: Michael Miller

Writer: Joseph Fraley

Release Date: 2 April 1982

Genre: Action | Horror | Sci-Fi

Tagline: The king of martial arts versus a bionic killing machine!


Chuck Norris ... Sheriff Dan Stevens
Ron Silver ... Dr. Tom Halman
Steven Keats ... Dr. Phillip Spires
Toni Kalem ... Alison Halman
William Finley ... Dr. Paul Vaughn
Brian Libby ... John Kirby
Stephen Furst ... Charlie
Stephanie Dunnam ... Nancy Halman
Joyce Ingle ... Mrs. Sims
Jay De Plano ... Biker Leader
Lillette Zoe Raley ... Tatooed Biker Mama
Mike Johnson ... Biker at Cafe
Linda Tatum ... Biker Mama #1 at Bar
Kathleen Lee ... Biker Mama #2

Runtime: 103 min

Country: USA

Language: English

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