About the Blog

Pretty simple, really. I'm reviewing genre movies I've recently watched.

Well, it's not quite that simple. The blog started out with just movies, but it's evolved to include genre book reviews as well. And sometimes toy reviews. And sometimes things that aren't reviews at all, just things I decided I want to write about. I guess the banner should read "...what I watched, or read, or was just thinking about last night." But the genre part still stands. Mostly.

And when I say "genre," I mean mostly older science fiction and horror. And some superhero stuff. And occasionally something that doesn't fit in with anything I've mentioned at all, but what the hell, that's what makes writing the blog so fun: I never quite know what's gonna show up.

At any rate, I do my best to stay away from things everyone else has already written a ton about, but the internet is big and chances are if you see it here you've seen it somewhere else too. When I knowingly choose a topic that's already been gabbed about all over, I try to keep my take on the personal side of things so I'm not spouting exactly what you read somewhere else last Tuesday.

What else....

Oh, I rate reviews with a zero-to-five Brain Count, and the biggest factor involved in a rating is how much I personally enjoyed the thing. So you might run across a rating that sounds a little crazy to you, because you're not me. Also, you won't find a lot here that I already knew I wouldn't enjoy going in (I'm not one to seek out stuff I know up front is gonna leave me feeling blue), but you might find things I hoped or thought I would enjoy, and ended up not.

And that's it.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I took the blog's title from the tagline for this movie.

And that's really it. Go forth and read.