About Me

I'm Dan: A fifty-something guy with a mostly uneventful and mostly enjoyable life in the Willamette Valley. I go to work, spend almost every evening at home with my wife, and putter around with various activities as the mood strikes me. I'm what you might call a part-time creative. You know, the guy who margin-doodles during meetings, sketches the stapler or tape dispenser sitting on his desk, and carries around books like Learning to See Creatively or Drawing the Living Figure.

I can't say I have a desire to be a full-time creative (at all), but I am someone who enjoys the process of creating. In fact, I get a little cranky and/or depressed when I haven't created something in awhile. So I draw, take pictures, write things, just often enough to keep me smiling.

You wanna know more?

Well, that wife I mentioned is all you could ever want and then some, and I've got three dynamite step-kids, to boot. The house I live in was built in 1978 and my car is a 2007. I work 10 hours-a-day, 4 days-a-week, enjoying that work more often than not, and enjoying my weekend down time as well.

What's that? You still wanna know more?

Hmm. Well, I...
  • Sleep in a queen sized bed.
  • Buy jeans 2 pairs at a time and wear 'em 'til they're mostly holes, then buy two more. (I don't know why.)
  • Can do some things a little better than average, and a few things a lot better.
  • Don't drink.
  • Don't smoke.
  • Love red meat, but eat mostly chicken.
  • Would rather read than watch TV.
  • Make a mean peanut butter sandwich (this is not a joke).

Ah. Now you're wondering what I look like.

Well. You know the fellow who played Superman in the late 70s - early 80s, Christopher Reeve? I look quite a bit like he did then, except shorter.

And thinner.

And balder.

I do wear glasses and have an authentic and charming smile though. Just like Clark Kent.