Friday, January 5, 2018

Futility (1929) by S.P. Meek

Final Destination: 1929

A quick post to say I've lately been enjoying many a public domain mag over at The Pulp Magazine Archive, and to pass along a wee story I just read, which had me thinking Final Destination franchise. (You'll see why when you read it.)

Sure, it's written in that dry-as-bones 1920s parlance that could end up removing a year from your life in the twenty minutes it takes to read, but if that happens it might almost worth it. (Almost.) Anyway, I added the entire story--pulled right from the magazine (which magazine you can get for your very own self here)--as individual JPEGs down below. 

You can click through each JPEG to make it full on readable sized (assuming you're not reading on a cell phone), and if you're feeling really frisky, you could download the lot and turn 'em into a PDF or CBZ or something.

Or you could just much-more-sanely download the entire mag at that ready-made link above. But you know, doing it the hard insane way has a place in the world too. Oh, hey, and here's a bit about Mr. Meek. So yeah, here you go. Enjoy and stuff.

The count? Well I'm going with THREE FUTILELY-RESISTING BRAINS. (Get it, Borg reference? Woo!)