Friday, January 2, 2009

Terminatrix (1995)

lame softcore masquerades as robot movie

The Review

I knew better, I really did.

But it was about robots! Was I supposed to just walk away from that? Even when I knew it was an unheard of sexploitation flick, that it couldn't possibly have had the budget to include any cool robot scenes?

I couldn't stop myself. It was a robot movie I hadn't seen (and there are so few of those anymore); I had to take the chance.

It was a total bust. My first *no brains* review. Some slue about sex being regulated in the future and a rebellion of free love led by some lady and a killer cyborg sent back in time to off the lady's dad before he conceived her.

Sound familiar? Okay, I knew it was a Terminator spoof when I put it in the queue. Even then, I wasn't prepared for the banality of the film. No cool robot scenes. None. All robotic coolness was implied and not seen.

Plenty of ridiculous simulated sex scenes, though. Seen and not implied.


In the immortal words of Melvin Udall, "I'd be the luckiest guy alive if that did it for me".


The Trailer

The Details

Yuuki Fujisawa
Saeko Ichijou
Kei Mizutani ... Terminatrix

Mikio Hirota

MPAA Rating
Unrated (for nudity, simulated sex and lame dialogue)

74 minutes

Japanese with English subtitles

Terminatrix at IMDB

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