Friday, January 4, 2008

January's Monster Movie of the Month - The Blob (1958)

So the 2008 calendar I bought for my desk is all about monster movies of the 1950s - you know, one movie for each month of the year.

And I had this thought: "Hey, I could write a review about each movie I've seen in the month it's on the calendar!" And if I haven't seen the film, I'll just rent it that month.

So here we are.

THIS movie, I've seen a few times, but not for several years. Well, not true - I watched part of it at my little brother's house a couple of months ago.

The plot boils down to an extraterrestrial gob of sentient jelly terrorizing this little town; the jelly gob gets bigger each time it "eats" someone (i.e. oozes all over them until they dissolve - ick).

Thing is, this blob thing moves sooooooo slowly, it's kind of ludicrous anyone is caught by it at all. But they are - have to do things like fall down in fear or inadvertantly back themselves into a corner.

Anyway. The Blob ends up getting frozen at the end ('cause everyone knows you can't spread frozen jelly, nor can frozen gobs of alien jelly terrorize).

I think the movie's two claims to fame (cult status) are it's lead actor, Steve McQueen, who went on to become a major star in the 60s and 70s, and it's super cheesy theme song (that plays during the opening credits).


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