Friday, December 14, 2007

Ice Spiders (2007)

"Ice Spiders" was oh such a little gem of a B-Movie.

There's a secret government lab (near a fictional Utah ski resort in a fictional Utah county) where giant spiders are being bred for their spider silk. In spite of the team of military guys assigned to keep the spiders locked up, there is an accident and the spiders (GASP) escape.

So the spiders make their way to the ski resort where some Olympic hopefuls are training. Lucky for them, Olympic has-been, "Dash" Dashiell just happens to be working at this particular ski resort.

Not only was Dash almost on the Olympic team a few years back, he also spent a few years as a Marine -- which totally helps when you're trying not to get eaten by giant mutated spiders.

There was a giant Black Widow, jumping spider and four other ones (whose types I don't remember), but they were all quite colorful and each had their own (killer) personality.

The movie is listed as "Horror", but it wasn’t really "scary" scary -- more "fun" scary. It was, however, a totally entertaining flick. A little bad acting and a few plot holes, but those things are to be expected in these kinds of movies. A definite recommend for Giant-Insects-On-The-Loose buffs.


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