Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thirsty Jaws

Tonight I'm celebrating 41 years and 4 months of a world wherein the legendary movie Jaws exists.

And what better way to celebrate than by sipping a warm tasty drink from my Shark Mug and sharing some groovy-but-not-in-the-movie pics of young Alex Kintner's tragic demise? (for those not in the know, young Kintner was the film's second shark victim, whose onscreen death shocked audiences when it threw out Hollywood's then "the kid is always safe" premise.)

We'll start with the mug:

Nothing like a hot drink to soothe the soul on a cool and rainy Autumn evening. And, thanks to my loving wife (who not only watches Jaws movie marathons with me from time to time, but also keeps an eye out for gifts like this one), I can enjoy said beverage in a mug that is sans-shark when empty and cool, but overflowing with voracious man-eaters when filled with hot liquid of choice....

Nice, huh? My favorite's the shark coming up beneath that fellow with the dark trunk's legs....

As for these Kintner pics, I found most of them over at The character's death as currently seen onscreen is terrifying enough, and it looks like this addition would have been even more horrific. Not sure why they didn't use it. I've read the dummy stand-in they used didn't look realistic enough. I've also read the scene worked too well, and was maybe just too intense for a PG rating. I personally wonder if the mechanical shark just didn't play out convincingly enough when in-motion, though. Who knows, but these pics are bone chilling.

Check 'em out:


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