Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Polish Movie Art vs American Counterparts (Part 4)

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Okay. Here's another installment on the Polish movie poster front. (You're welcome.)

The story here is that a long, long, long while back, I came across this site with a veritable butt-load of Polish movie posters on it.  I thought the posters were beautiful and intriguing, and because they felt so different from your average American poster, I wondered how they'd look alongside American (or at least English-language) counterparts. So, I left the site owner a note and borrowed every last one of 'em.

This here's the fourth set of ten (one more set to go after this). Each poster duo is shown with the American/English language one first and Polish one right below it.

And... Polish Rosemary's Baby freaks me the hell out. Just saying.

Have a look.

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