Thursday, May 29, 2008

May's Monster Movie of the Month - The Brain That Wouldn't Die (1962)

Indeed, it's more Brain Silliness. (See Donovan's Brain for previous BS.) But this BS was a bit more enjoyable, insofar as BS goes.

Not that it's a great film, by any means. It's just a little more fun than Donovan's. And because I'm still months behind on my self-imposed schedule, this review will be quick and dirty as well.

It goes like this:
  1. Crazy Surgeon (CS) has learned how to keep people's brains alive after they're dead.
  2. CS's Fiance get decapitated (thanks to CS's crazy driving).
  3. CS puts Fiance's head on a table in THE LAB and sticks some wires in it.
  4. Fiance is (was) a nice girl but, just being a head now, goes a little crazy.
  5. CS heads out to find Fiance a new body. He settles on an Art Model (AM).
  6. While CS is gone, Fiance develops a friendship with THE MONSTER that CS created.
  7. CS drugs AM and takes her back to THE LAB, so he can kill her and plug her body into Fiance's head. (Sick!)
  8. Fiance asks THE MONSTER to kill CS, which THE MONSTER does.
  9. In the struggle, THE MONSTER starts a fire, and burns himself up, along with Fiance and CS.
  10. AM wakes up and runs away. She is safe and all the bad guys are dead.
(cue end credits)


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