Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bug (2006)

I totally hated this movie, and I'll tell you why.

I thought it was a GIANT BUG movie - you know, gimantic mutant killer bugs munching on helpless humans.... But it turned out to be a psychological drama about two people spiraling down into insanity--they think invisible bugs are living inside their bodies.

GIANT BUGS are fun to watch, because I know they're fake and I know everybody's acting and no one really dies or gets hurt - GOOD CLEAN FUN.

But when a movie is about regular people who are sad and lonely and hurt inside, it just makes ME feel sad and lonely and hurt inside. And that's what this movie was about - two sad lonely hurting people who tried to save each another but just ended up destroying each other in the end.


I watched about 45 minutes of the movie and then turned it off.

And put in a really scary GHOST MOVIE.

Now THAT'S fun....

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